Fusion Stråla Yoga + Meditation, 60 minutes
One-on-one Sessions
Single Session: CHF 135
Package of Six: CHF 760

Small Group Sessions
Rates vary, contact me for details

Weekly “Chill Yoga” Classes
Tuesdays 7-8 pm at Haus Wabi Sabi, Lachen SZ
Call, email or text me to save your spot by Monday noon

Personalized Meditation Classes
I’m a Certified Chopra Meditation Teacher + I will teach you how to…

  • Finally manage your overwhelm + busy mind
  • How to soften your harsh inner dialogue + feel safe in your body
  • Let the work drama stay at work + not impact your energy
  • Understand that you’re not meditating “wrong” because you’re thinking
  • Have a meditation practice that works anywhere, anytime + no app needed
  • Meditation IS the antidote to stress

My meditation packages are customized to fit you + your unique goals

Contact me for packages + pricing

Location: online or in-person