Stråla Yoga
Lesson of 75 minutes
One-on-one or small group of max. three participants: on request
Location: Yoga Sivananda Wollerau;; or online

Meditation Introduction, 45-60mins
– Releasing Stress with Meditation
– Benefits of Meditation
– Experiences during Meditation
– When, where, how to meditate
– Group Meditation
– Primordial Sound Meditation: Course Overview
– Questions & Answers
Donations welcome
Location: online

Primordial Sound Meditation Program: On request
– Lesson 1: Introduction to Meditation (60-90mins)
– Lesson 2: Mantra Ceremony, Personal Instruction (30-45mins)
– Lesson 3: Perfecting the Practice, Group Meditation (60-90mins)
– Lesson 4: Different States of Consciousness, Group Meditation (60-90mins)
Location: online

Group Meditation: On request 
– Breath Meditation
– Mantra Meditation
– Guided Meditation
Location: online

Packages will be defined on an individual basis

Languages: German and English

Subject to change