My first yoga and meditation classes during vacation a couple of years ago, were to become the symbolic door that opened. Some happy turns later I’m writing this text, deeply grateful for all the experiences that brought me here.

Take challenges with ease and softness

Every path of life is so individual as we all are. Some parts may be easygoing, as others may challenge us more. On my journey, there have been moments in which I looked up from the valley to the peak and asked myself, if I would ever make the climb. I eventually made it with discipline, force, and not to the least some rigidity. Once arrived at the finish, I wasn’t too happy but mostly exhausted.

Today, I know that I can anticipate and overcome obstacles of any kind with less effort. Yoga and meditation remind us of sustainable qualities we all possess: Ease, softness, creativity, joy… This is how we not only accomplish our goals easier but also start to enjoy our journey and discover more possibilities.

Stråla Yoga with its philosophy to move naturally, softly, and playfully in body and mind is in combination with Primordial Sound Meditation the perfect symbiosis for me. My daily meditation practice gives simple access to my inner source of silence; a place that strengthens, balances and inspires equally.

Look forward to guiding you…

I’m fortunate to have been trained by great teachers like Tara Stiles, Mike Taylor, Deepak Chopra, Roger Gabriel, Sahara Rose, Ajit Nawalkha and many more. I’ll never stop to ask and learn and to remain open and curious.

Discovering the pleasure to share my experience with others and pass it on, is so to say the icing on the cake. My life has been enriched by my own yoga and meditation practice through and through positively. I’ll gladly be your guide on your path wherever you may stand.

Irene Ott Rückert

Certified Stråla Yoga Guide RYS
Chopra Center Certified Meditation Instructor

Certified Dharma / Life Purpose Coach