I’m a Certified Chopra Meditation Teacher with Deepak Chopra, MD.

If you’re brand new to meditation I will teach you how to…
  • Finally manage your overwhelm + busy mind
  • Soften your harsh inner dialogue + feel safe in your body
  • Let the work drama stay at work + not impact your energy
  • Understand that you’re not meditating “wrong” because you’re thinking
  • Have a meditation practice that works anywhere, anytime + no app needed

Meditation IS the antidote to stress

If you’re already meditating + want to go deeper in your practice

I will teach you how to…

  • Finally meditate twice a day + feel like you’re floating through life
  • Have a personal meditation mantra unique to you that creates a new depth of inner silence
  • Understand the different states of consciousness that meditation allows you to access + find them more easily
  • Have a foundation of meditation that will last you a lifetime + ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask an expert

My meditation packages are customized to fit you + your unique goals

Contact me + we’ll create a package that fits you perfectly

“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home.”
– Rumi